Testosterone Therapy – Some Important Information

Testosterone hormone is produced in testicles which help in maintaining men’s bone density, red blood cell production, muscle strength and mass, sperm production, sex drive and fat distribution in body. However with age factor, hypogonadism affects men in which male’s body are unable to produce normal amounts of testosterone due to problems in testicles or pituitary gland which controls testicles. But with testosterone therapy for testosterone replacement, one can easily improve signs and symptoms of low testosterone.

Testosterone Therapy

Testosterone Therapy

What are the signs and symptoms of low testosterone?

  • Changes in sexual function: It can result into reduced sexual desire and infertility in extreme cases.
  • Physical changes: It can result into increased body fat, decreased bone density, hair loss, reduced muscle bulks and strength, hot flashes, swollen or tender breasts and low levels of energy in body.
  • Emotional changes: Low testosterone can cause emotional changes like decrease in confidence and motivation, concentration problems, depression and anxiety etc.
  • Changes In sleeping patterns:  It can result into insomnia and other type of sleep related problems.

The promises of testosterone therapy are very enticing. It increases your muscles mass, boosts your libido, improves energy level and sharpen your memory and concentration. As you grow old, testosterone therapy may sound like an ultimate anti-aging formula.

Testosterone therapy has following risks as well-take a look!

  • It can result into growth of too many red blood cells which increases the risk of heart disease in body.
  • Testosterone therapy can cause breast enlargement
  • It can lead to sleep apnea. In sleep apnea, your breathing repeatedly stops and starts when you are sleeping.
  • It can cause acnes and other type of skin reactions
  • Testosterone therapy limits the production of sperms and causes testicle shrinkage
  • It stimulates noncancerous growth of the prostate and possibly stimulate growth of existing prostate cancer.

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  1. As soon as I initially left a comment I clicked on the Notify me any time new comments are added checkbox and currently every time a remark is added I receive four messages with the identical comment.

    • I was deficient in gwtorh hormone for 1 1/2 yrs before I was diagnosed and started injections. During that time I felt like I was 90 years old (I am in my 30s). I was stiff, achy, could barely walk, seemed to have aged quite a bit. My guess is that it does work since the pituitary slowly makes less and less as you age so there must be something to it. But, it is only prescribed for gwtorh hormone deficiency right now and obtaining it without a deficiency is illegal.

  2. , here is an answer to your speiifcc question.There are several natural products on the market which claim to control prostate cancer (PC). Most of these lower testosterone somewhat. If your father has not had much androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), and he has a clear bone scan, then he might try one of these products. The best of these products Medpro’s prostasol from Holland and Medpro’s PC SPES are expensive and hard to get shipped to the US (each cost $ 105 for just 60 capsules and you must take 9 a day to begin with).There are other cheaper prostasols sold by other companies (eg Dr Donsbach), but these are not as potent. They may work for your dad. There is a product Isoprost made by Pure Prescriptions. These cost $ 60-70 per 90 tablets. The daily dosage is 4 tablets per day; so you could get by with two bottles per month. Compliance would be an issue, since you must take the tablets at the right time of day and (I think) between meals. Besides the side effects mentioned above, ADT is in general not a good idea because the PC cells generally adapt to a low testosterone environment and becomes untreatable. The herbal remedies often continue to work indefinitely: that is, the PC cells do NOT develop resistance.It is hard to give you better advice, since you haven’t included enough information about your father’s case. If you want more information feel free to email me.BTW, it is likely that a new prostate cancer vaccine PROVENGE which is likely to be approved by the FDA. May 15th is the review date. If your father has a cancer which expresses Prostatic Acid Phosphatase (PAP), then he might try that. It is a one-time treatment which may help his immune system to recognize and eliminate some of his cancer cells. Best of luck.Warwick d


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