Testosterone replacement – Flaws and Symptoms

Do you know that number of aging men with low testosterone have reported improvement in their sex drive, energy levels and mood enhancement after testosterone replacement therapy. So if testosterone is low, why not get it replaced?

testosterone replacement

testosterone replacement

Flaws with Testosterone Replacement

It is sad to reveal that testosterone replacement is not free from flaws. It possesses various side effects and long term risk as well. Therefore not every man but only those who suffer from symptoms of low testosterone should go for testosterone replacement.

Symptoms for Testosterone Replacement

What are the symptoms of low testosterone? With aging, the level of testosterone drops in body which give rise to various signs and symptoms. Such Low testosterone symptoms include:

  • Concentration difficulties
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Fatigue and poor energy levels
  • Low sex drive
  • Low sense of well-being
  • Irritability
  • Depression

Methods Available for Testosterone Replacement

You would be glad to know that testosterone replacement is available in different forms to improve your testosterone levels in body. Check out these forms below:

  • Gels: Androgel and Testim are names of testosterone gels. When these gels are applied on skin, the testosterone present in them gets easily absorbed through skin. They should be used once in a day only or as prescribed by doctor. Foresta, Androgel and Axiron come in pump form that delivers exactly that amount of testosterone as prescribed by your doctor.
  • Skin patch: Androgerm is a skin patch which is worn on arm or upper part of body and applied once in a day.
  • Mouth patch: Striant tablet which sticks to the upper gums above your incisors should be taken twice a day. This tablet helps in continuously releasing testosterone into blood through oral tissues.
  • Injections and implants: they can also be directly injected into muscles or implanted as pellets in soft tissues. Our body slowly absorbs the testosterone into bloodstream.

Best Pre Workout Supplement – Choose the One that Suits You

Is there any best pre workout supplement for us? Well the answer for this question seems a paradox: yes and no. let me explain. Yes, there is one best pre workout supplement for each one of us. But keep in mind that the best supplement for you may not be the best supplement for me. No, there isn’t one best pre workout supplement for everyone.

Best Pre Workout Supplement

Best Pre Workout Supplement

Why do you need pre workout supplement?

Before purchasing best pre workout supplement for yourself, first and foremost make sure you decide about the primarily effect that you need from a pre workout supplement. What are the wanting effects? Is it energy, gains, pumping? Or is it strength? Or is it focus? What about the price and taste of it?

If you are looking for gains and grate pumping, then you should choose that product which includes ingredients like arginine, glutamine, creatine and leucine. If focus is what you are after, go with ingredients like caffeine, tyrosine, carnitine, DMAE, beta-alanine and gingko biloba. For strength, opt for beta-alanine, creatine, carnosine, taurine and ALA (alpha lipoic acid). To gain maximum benefits from these products, make sure you take them on empty stomach and your pre workout meal should include proteins, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats. Eat your solid meals at 2-3 hours before training.

Some Best Pres Workout Supplements

Check out the some pre workout supplements listed below in the article!

  • Cellular C4: It is number one product that provides you benefits of focus, strength, pumping and gains. Its price is also well worthed.
  • MusclePharm Assault: It is more like gun powder containing long list of ingredients. Assault from MusclePharm provides too many benefits which go beyond our expectations. This product has got highest rating. For moderate workout, use ½ scoop whereas for high intensity workout, go for 1 full scoop.

Since, workout should be a necessary element of our daily routine therefore we all should consume best pre workout supplement so that our body can bear regain the energy consumed in workouts.

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Hormone replacement therapy – Recover the Hormones You Lack

Hormone replacement therapy is a term used for any form of hormone therapy where patient is given medical treatment. In this treatment, patient receives hormones to overcome the lack of naturally occurring hormone or to substitute other hormones. The various common forms of hormone replacement therapy are written below in the article- have a look!

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy

  • Hormone replacement therapy for menopause:

In this therapy, the treatment is provided to reduce the discomfort caused due to low levels of oestrogen and progesterone hormones in body. One or more groups of medications are given to patients which are primarily designed to boost hormone levels in body. The main hormones which are involved in this therapy are progestins, oestrogens, progesterone and sometimes testosterone. HRT not only treats symptoms of menopause but also prevents the occurrence of ailments like osteoporosis, heart ailments and cancer in women.

  • Hormone replacement therapy for transgender gender variant and transsexual:

This therapy is also used by intersex people. They go for this therapy in their childhood age to confirm gender they were assigned at birth or in later ages to change their gender which they were assigned at the time of birth. This is known as hormone replacement therapy (female-to-male) and hormone replacement therapy (male-to-female).

  • Androgen replacement therapy:

This hormone therapy is given to patients who are suffering from the signs and symptoms of hypogonadism ailment. Moreover this therapy is also prescribed by doctors for lessening the effects or to delay the process of normal aging in men. Also, androgen replacement therapy is used by men who have suffered from cancer and other ailments and have lost testicles function.

The hormones used in hormone replacement therapy are synthetic hormones. They are created artificially in laboratories but the good news is that they act just like natural hormones once they are injected inside the human body.

Testosterone Replacement: Relief in Growth Hormone Problems

Testosterone is a male sex hormone secreted by testes. The production of this hormone helps in development of male sex organs, increase in sex drive, energy levels and muscle growth. However normal testosterone levels falls down with aging. Number of symptoms in body starts emerging when testosterone levels falls down. Some of such symptoms are:

  • symptoms of depression
  • decreased sex drive
  • loss of muscle mass
  • decreased energy levels
  • difficulty achieving or maintaining an erection
Testosterone Replacement

Testosterone Replacement

Low testosterone can be treated with testosterone replacement. Testosterone replacement is done in variety of ways:

  • Testosterone can be used in injection form for rapidly increasing testosterone levels in body after every 2-4 weeks.
  • Testosterone patches or gels applied every 24 hours on major muscles like upper arm, thighs, and buttocks too help in testrorone replacement.  The skin easily absorbs testosterone into the muscles. The gels and patches provide constant dose of testosterone and prevents side effects related with injectable replacement therapy. But the loop side of using this treatment is that it takes longer to bring testosterone level back to normal state. Testosterone replacement is very effective but it is sad that it has some potential problems associated with it. Check side effects related with testosterone replacement written below in the article!
  • Replacement therapy is not needed by everyone. People suffering from male hypogonadism or low testosterone production are the ones who go for testosterone replacement.
  • It is sad to reveal that sexual dysfunction cannot get cured with testosterone replacement.
  • Even after increasing testosterone in body, it is hard to treat fatigue caused by factors like workload and stress.
  • This therapy enhances the chances of liver ailment in body.
  • Unnecessary testosterone replacement my put a man at a higher risk of prostate cancer.

Hormone Replacement Therapy : An Overview

In woman’s life, menopause stage occurs when her periods stops. It is a normal part of her aging. Certain years before or during her menopause, the level of female hormones goes up and down which leads to occurrence of various symptoms in body such as vaginal dryness, hot flashes etc. To get relive from such symptoms some women take hormone replacement therapy (HRT). This is also known as menopausal hormone therapy and it protects her body from osteoporosis ailment as well.

hormone replacement therapy

hormone replacement therapy

When to go for Human Replacement Therapy

The hormone estrogen when falls down, it gives rise to various problems in form of night sweats, vaginal dryness, thinning hair, moodiness, urinary problems, sleep problems, accumulation of fat in abdomen, irregular periods, smaller breasts, concentration and memory difficulties. The progesterone hormone prepare the woman’s womb for possible pregnancies, protects endometrium etc. If you are suffering from such problems then you should consider hormone replacement therapy.

What is Hormone Replacement Therapy

Women who undergo hormone replacement therapy are given estrogen/ progesterone combination. The patient can start HRT as soon as her menopausal symptoms begin. According to National Health Service (NHS), most women have menopause around 52 years of age. Ages can range from early forties to late sixties. It is really not possible to exactly predict the age for menopause stage ion women.

However hormone replacement therapy may not be suitable for women who:

  • Have a history of stroke
  • are pregnant
  • have severe migraines
  • have history of heart ailments
  • have uncontrolled high blood pressure problem
  • have history of blood clots or thrombosis
  • have history of breast cancer or endometrial or ovarian cancer

Risks involved with Hormone Replacement Therapy

It is sad to reveal that hormone replacement therapy bears certain risks as well. It increases your risk of getting affected with breast cancer, heart ailment and stroke. Certain hormone replacement therapies are more dangerous than others, bearing higher risk. The intensity of risks faced by woman depends upon her health and lifestyle factor.

While considering all these factors it is wise to first visit a specialist then decide if you are prepare for hormone replacement therapy.